North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Part One General Part Back to top!
Chapter One Objectives
Article 101 Establishment of the Free Trade Area  
Article 102 Objectives  
Article 103 Relation to Other Agreements  
Article 104 Relation to Environmental and Conservation Agreements  
Article 105 Extent of Obligations  
  Annex 104.1: Bilateral and Other Environmental and Conservation Agreements  
Chapter Two General Definitions Back to top!
Article 201 Definitions of General Application  
  Annex 201.1: Country-Specific Definitions  
Part Two: Trade in Goods Back to top!
Chapter Three National Treatment and Market Access for Goods Back to top!
Article 300 Scope and Coverage  
Section A National Treatment Back to top!
Article 301 National Treatment  
Section B Tariffs Back to top!
Article 302 Tariff Elimination  
Article 303 Restriction on Drawback and Duty Referral Programs  
Article 304 Waiver of Customs Duties  
Article 305 Temporary Admission of Goods  
Article 306 Duty-Free Entry of Certain Commercial Samples and Printed Advertising Materials  
Article 307 Goods Re-Entered after Repair or Alteration  
Article 308 Most-Favored-Nation Rates of Duty on Certain Goods  
Section C Non-Tariff Measures Back to top!
Article 309 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 310 Customs User Fees  
Article 311 Country of Origin Marking  
Article 312 Wine and Distilled Spirits  
Article 313 Distinctive Products  
Article 314 Export Taxes  
Article 315 Other Export Measures  
Section D Consultations Back to top!
Article 316 Consultations and Committee on Trade in Goods  
Article 317 Third-Country Dumping  
Section E Definitions Back to top!
Article 318 Definitions  
  Annex 301.3:  Exceptions to Articles 301 and 309 Back to top!
  Annex 302.2: Tariff Elimination  
  Annex 303.6: Goods Not Subject to Article 303  
  Annex 303.7: Effective Dates for the Application of Article 303  
  Annex 303.8:  Exception to Article 303(8) for Certain Color Cathode-Ray Television Picture Tubes  
  Annex 304.1: Exceptions for Existing Waiver Measures  
  Annex 304.2: Continuation of Existing Waivers of Customs Duties  
  Annex 307.1: Goods Re-Entered after Repair or Alteration  
  Annex 307.3:  Repair and Rebuilding of Vessels  
  Annex 308.1: Most-Favored-Nation Rates of Duty on Certain Automatic Data Processing Goods and Their Parts  
  Annex 308.2: Most-Favored-Nation Rates of Duty on Certain Color Cathode-Ray Television Picture Tubes  
  Annex 308.3:  Most-Favored-Nation Duty-Free Treatment of Local Area Network Apparatus  
  Annex 310.1: Existing Customs User Fees  
  Annex 311: Country of Origin Marking  
  Annex 312.2:  Wine and Distilled Spirits  
  Annex 313:  Distinctive Products  
  Annex 314: Export Taxes  
  Annex 315:  Other Export Measures  
  Annex 300-A: Trade and Investment in the Automotive Sector Back to top!
  Appendix 300-A.1: Canada  
  Appendix 300-A.2: Mexico  
  Appendix 300-A.3: United States - Corporate Average Fuel Economy  
  Annex 300-B: Textile and Apparel Goods Back to top!
  Section 1: Scope and Coverage  
 Section 2: Tariff Elimination  
 Section 3: Import and Export Prohibitions, Restrictions and Consultation Levels  
 Section 4: Bilateral Emergency Actions (Tariff Actions)  
 Section 5:  Bilateral Emergency Actions (Quantitative Restrictions)  
  Section 6: Special Provisions  
 Section 7: Review and Revision of Rules of Origin 1  
 Section 8:  Labelling Requirements  
 Section 9: Trade in Worn Clothing and Other Worn Articles  
 Section 10: Definitions  
  Appendix 1: List of Goods Covered by Annex 300-B  
  Appendix 2.1: Tariff Elimination  
  Schedule 2.1.B: Exceptions to Tariff Phaseout Formula Specified in Appendix 2.1  
  Appendix 2.4: Tariff Elimination on Certain Textile and Apparel Goods  
  Appendix 3.1: Administration of Import and Export Prohibitions, Restrictions and Consultation Levels  
  Schedule 3.1.1: Schedule for the Elimination of Restrictions and Consultation Levels on Exports from Mexico to the United States  
  Schedule 3.1.2: Restrictions and Consultation Levels on Exports from Mexico to the United States  
  Schedule 3.1.3: Conversion Factors  
  Appendix 5.1:  Bilateral Emergency Actions (Quantitative Restrictions)  
  Appendix 6: Special Provisions  
  Schedule 6.B.1: Preferential Tariff Treatment for Non-Originating Apparel and Made-Up Goods  
  Schedule 6.B.2: Preferential Tariff Treatment for Non-Originating Cotton or Man-made Fiber Fabrics and Made-Up Goods  
  Schedule 6.B.3: Preferential Tariff Treatment for Non-Originating Cotton or Man-made Fiber Spun Yarn  
  Appendix 10.1: Country-Specific Definitions  
Chapter Four Rules of Origin Back to top!
Article 401 Originating Goods  
Article 402 Regional Value Content  
Article 403 Automotive Goods  
Article 404 Accumulation  
Article 405 De Minimis  
Article 406 Fungible Goods and Materials  
Article 407 Accessories, Spare Parts and Tools  
Article 408 Indirect Materials  
Article 409 Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale  
Article 410 Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment  
Article 411 Transshipment  
Article 412 Non-Qualifying Operations  
Article 413 Interpretation and Application  
Article 414 Consultation and Modifications  
Article 415 Definitions  
  Annex 403.1: List of Tariff Provisions for Article 403(1)  
  Annex 403.2: List of Components and Materials  
  Annex 403.3: Regional Value-Content Calculation for CAMI  
Chapter Five Customs Procedures Back to top!
Section A Certification of Origin Back to top!
Article 501 Certificate of Origin  
Article 502 Obligations Regarding Importations  
Article 503 Exceptions  
Article 504 Obligations Regarding Exportations  
Section B Administration and Enforcement Back to top!
Article 505 Records  
Article 506 Origin Verifications  
Article 507 Confidentiality  
Article 508 Penalties  
Section C   Advance Rulings Back to top!
Article 509 Advance Rulings  
Section D  Review and Appeal of Origin Determinations and Advance Rulings Back to top!
Article 510 Review and Appeal  
Section E   Uniform Regulations Back to top!
Article 511 Uniform Regulations  
Section F Cooperation Back to top!
Article 512 Cooperation  
Article 513 Working Group and Customs Subgroup  
Article 514 Definitions  
Chapter Six Energy and Basic Petrochemicals Back to top!
Article 601 Principles  
Article 602 Scope and Coverage  
Article 603 Import and Export Restrictions  
Article 604 Export Taxes  
Article 605 Other Export Measures  
Article 606 Energy Regulatory Measures  
Article 607 National Security Measures  
Article 608 Miscellaneous Provisions  
Article 609 Definitions  
  Annex 602.3: Reservations and Special Provisions  
  Annex 603.6: Exception to Article 603  
  Annex 605: Exception to Article 605  
  Annex 607: National Security  
  Annex 608.2: Other Agreements  
Chapter Seven Agriculture and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Section A  Agriculture Back to top!
Article 701 Scope and Coverage  
Article 702 International Obligations  
Article 703 Market Access  
Article 704 Domestic Support  
Article 705 Export Subsidies  
Article 706 Committee on Agricultural Trade  
Article 707 Advisory Committee on Private Commercial Disputes Regarding Agricultural Goods  
Article 708 Definitions  
  Annex 702.1: Incorporation of Trade Provisions  
  Annex 702.3: Intergovernmental Coffee Agreement  
  Annex 703.2: Market Access - Section A  
  Annex 703.2: Market Access - Section B  
  Annex 703.2: Market Access - Section C  
  Annex 703.2: Appendices  
Section B Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Back to top!
Article 709 Scope and Coverage  
Article 710 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 711 Reliance on Non-Governmental Entities  
Article 712 Basic Rights and Obligations  
Article 713 International Standards and Standardizing Organizations  
Article 714 Equivalence  
Article 715 Risk Assessment and Appropriate Level of Protection  
Article 716 Adaptation to Regional Conditions  
Article 717 Control, Inspection and Approval Procedures  
Article 718 Notification, Publication and Provision of Information  
Article 719  Inquiry Points  
Article 720 Technical Cooperation  
Article 721 Limitations on the Provisions of Information  
Article 722 Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Article 723 Technical Consultations  
Article 724 Definitions  
Chapter Eight Emergency Action Back to top!
Article 801 Bilateral Actions  
Article 802 Global Actions  
Article 803 Administration of Emergency Action Proceedings  
Article 804 Dispute Settlement in Emergency Action Matters  
Article 805 Definitions  
  Annex 801.1: Bilateral Actions  
  Annex 803.3: Administration of Emergency Action Proceedings  
  Annex 805: Country-Specific Definitions  
Part Three Technical Barriers to Trade Back to top!
Chapter Nine Standards-Related Measures Back to top!
Article 901 Scope and Coverage  
Article 902 Extent of Obligations  
Article 903 Affirmation of Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and Other Agreements  
Article 904 Basic Rights and Obligations  
Article 905 Use of International Standards  
Article 906 Compatibility and Equivalence  
Article 907 Assessment of Risk  
Article 908 Conformity Assessment  
Article 909 Notification, Publication, and Provision of Information  
Article 910 Inquiry Points  
Article 911 Technical Cooperation  
Article 912 Limitations on the Provision of Information  
Article 913 Committee on Standards-Related Measures  
Article 914 Technical Consultations  
Article 915 Definitions  
  Annex 908.2: Transitional Rules for Conformity Assessment Procedures  
  Annex 913.5.a-1: Land Transportation Standards Subcommittee  
  Annex 913.5.a-2: Telecommunications Standards Subcommittee  
  Annex 913.5.a-3:L Automotive Standards Council  
  Annex 913.5.a-4: Subcommittee on Labelling of Textile and Apparel Goods  
Part Four Government Procurement Back to top!
Chapter Ten Government Procurement Back to top!
Section A Scope and Coverage and National Treatment Back to top!
Article 1001 Scope and Coverage  
Article 1002 Valuation of Contracts  
Article 1003 National Treatment and Non-Discrimination  
Article 1004 Rules of Origin  
Article 1005 Denial of Benefits  
Article 1006 Prohibition of Offsets  
Article 1007 Technical Specifications  
Section B Tendering Procedures Back to top!
Article 1008 Tendering Procedures  
Article 1009 Qualification of Suppliers  
Article 1010 Invitation to Participate  
Article 1011 Selective Tendering Procedures  
Article 1012 Time Limits for Tendering and Delivery  
Article 1013 Tender Documentation  
Article 1014 Negotiation Disciplines  
Article 1015 Submission, Receipt and Opening of Tenders and Awarding of Contracts  
Article 1016 Limited Tendering Procedures  
Section C Bid Challenge Back to top!
Article 1017 Bid Challenge  
Section D General Provisions Back to top!
Article 1018 Exceptions  
Article 1019 Provision of Information  
Article 1020 Technical Cooperation  
Article 1021 Joint Programs for Small Business  
Article 1022 Rectifications or Modifications  
Article 1023 Divestiture of Entities  
Article 1024 Further Negotiations  
Article 1025 Definitions  
  Annex 1001.1a-1: Federal Government Entities  
  Annex 1001.1a-2: Government Enterprises  
  Annex 1001.1a-3: State and Provincial Government Entities  
  Annex 1001.1b-1: Goods  
  Annex 1001.1b-2: Services  
  Appendix 1001.1b-2-A: Temporary Schedule of Services for Mexico  
  Appendix 1001.1b-2-B: Common Classification System  
  Annex 1001.1b-3:  Construction Services  
  Appendix 1001.1b-3-A: Common Classification System  
  Annex 1001.1c: Indexation and Conversion of Thresholds  
  Annex 1001.2a: Transitional Provisions for Mexico  
  Annex 1001.2b: General Notes  
  Annex 1001.2c: Country-Specific Thresholds  
  Annex 1010.1: Publications  
Part Five Investment, Services and Related Matters Back to top!
Chapter Eleven Investment Back to top!
Section A Investment Back to top!
Article 1101 Scope and Coverage  
Article 1102 National Treatment  
Article 1103 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 1104 Standard of Treatment  
Article 1105 Minimum Standard of Treatment  
Article 1106 Performance Requirements  
Article 1107 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 1108 Reservations and Exceptions  
Article 1109 Transfers  
Article 1110 Expropriation and Compensation  
Article 1111 Special Formalities and Information Requirements  
Article 1112 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 1113 Denial of Benefits  
Article 1114 Environmental Measures  
Section B Settlement of Disputes between a Party and an Investor of Another Party Back to top!
Article 1115 Purpose  
Article 1116 Claim by an Investor of a Party on Its Own Behalf  
Article 1117 Claim by an Investor of a Party on Behalf of an Enterprise  
Article 1118 Settlement of a Claim through Consultation and Negotiation  
Article 1119 Notice of Intent to Submit a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 1120 Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 1121 Conditions Precedent to Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
Article 1122 Consent to Arbitration  
Article 1123 Number of Arbitrators and Method of Appointment  
Article 1124 Constitution of a Tribunal When a Party Fails to Appoint an Arbitrator or the Disputing Parties are Unable to Agree on a Presiding Arbitrator  
Article 1125 Agreement to Appointment of Arbitrators  
Article 1126 Consolidation  
Article 1127 Notice  
Article 1128 Participation by a Party  
Article 1129 Documents  
Article 1130 Place of Arbitration  
Article 1131 Governing Law  
Article 1132 Interpretation of Annexes  
Article 1133 Expert Reports  
Article 1134 Interim Measures of Protection  
Article 1135 Final Award  
Article 1136 Finality and Enforcement of an Award  
Article 1137 General  
Article 1138 Exclusions  
Article 1139 Definitions  
  Annex 1120.1: Submission of a Claim to Arbitration  
  Annex 1137.2: Service of Documents on a Party Under Section B  
  Annex 1137.4: Publication of an Award  
  Annex 1138.2: Exclusions from Dispute Settlement  
Chapter Twelve Cross-Border Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 1201 Scope and Coverage  
Article 1202 National Treatment  
Article 1203 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 1204 Standard of Treatment  
Article 1205 Local Presence  
Article 1206 Reservations  
Article 1207 Quantitative Restrictions  
Article 1208 Liberalization of Non-Discriminatory Measures  
Article 1209 Procedures  
Article 1210 Licensing and Certification  
Article 1211 Denial of Benefits  
Article 1212 Sectoral Annex  
Article 1213 Definitions  
  Annex 1210.5: Professional Services  
  Appendix 1210.5-C:  Civil Engineers  
  Annex 1212: Land Transportation  
Chapter Thirteen Telecommunications Back to top!
Article 1301 Scope and Coverage  
Article 1302 Access to and Use of Public Telecommunications Transport Networks and Services  
Article 1303 Conditions for the Provision of Enhanced or Value-Added Services  
Article 1304 Standards-Related Measures  
Article 1305 Monopolies  
Article 1306 Transparency  
Article 1307 Relation to Other Chapters  
Article 1308 Relation to International Organizations and Agreements  
Article 1309 Technical Cooperation and Other Consultations  
Article 1310 Definitions  
  Annex 1310: Conformity Assessment Procedures  
Chapter Fourteen Financial Services Back to top!
Article 1401 Scope and Coverage  
Article 1402 Self-Regulatory Organizations  
Article 1403 Establishment of Financial Institutions  
Article 1404 Cross-Border Trade  
Article 1405 National Treatment  
Article 1406 Most-Favored-Nation Treatment  
Article 1407 New Financial Services and Data Processing  
Article 1408 Senior Management and Boards of Directors  
Article 1409 Reservations and Specific Commitments  
Article 1410 Exceptions  
Article 1411 Transparency  
Article 1412 Financial Services Committee  
Article 1413 Consultations  
Article 1414 Dispute Settlement  
Article 1415 Investment Disputes in Financial Services  
Article 1416 Definitions  
  Annex 1401.4:  Country Specific Commitments  
  Annex 1403.3: Review of Market Access  
  Annex 1404.4: Consultations on Liberalization of Cross-Border Trade  
  Annex 1409.1: Provincial and State Reservations  
  Annex 1412.1: Authorities Responsible for Financial Services  
  Annex 1413.6: Further Consultations and Arrangements  
Chapter Fifteen Competition Policy, Monopolies and State Enterprises Back to top!
Article 1501 Competition Law  
Article 1502 Monopolies and State Enterprise  
Article 1503 State Enterprises  
Article 1504 Working Group on Trade and Competition  
Article 1505 Definitions  
  Annex 1505: Country-Specific Definitions of State Enterprises  
Chapter Sixteen Temporary Entry for Business Persons Back to top!
Article 1601 General Principles  
Article 1602 General Obligations  
Article 1603 Grant of Temporary Entry  
Article 1604 Provision of Information  
Article 1605 Working Group  
Article 1606 Dispute Settlement  
Article 1607 Relation  
Article 1608 Definitions  
  Appendix 1603.A.1: Business Visitors  
  Appendix 1603.A.3: Existing Immigration Measures  
  Appendix 1603.D.1: Professionals  
  Appendix 1603.D.4:  United States  
  Annex 1604.2:  Provisions of Information  
  Annex 1608: Country Specific Definitions  
Part Six: Intellectual Property Back to top!
Chapter Seventeen Intellectual Property Back to top!
Article 1701 Nature and Scope of Obligations  
Article 1702 More Extensive Protection  
Article 1703 National Treatment  
Article 1704 Control of Abusive or Anticompetitive Practices or Conditions  
Article 1705 Copyright  
Article 1706 Sound Recordings  
Article 1707 Protection of Encrypted Program-Carrying Satellite Signals  
Article 1708 Trademarks  
Article 1709 Patents  
Article 1710 Layout Designs of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits  
Article 1711 Trade Secrets  
Article 1712 Geographical Indications  
Article 1713 Industrial Designs  
Article 1714 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: General Provisions  
Article 1715 Specific Procedural and Remedial Aspects of Civil and Administrative Procedures  
Article 1716 Provisional Measures  
Article 1717 Criminal Procedures and Penalties  
Article 1718 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights at the Border  
Article 1719 Cooperation and Technical Assistance  
Article 1720 Protection of Existing Subject Matter  
Article 1721 Definitions  
  Annex 1701.3: Intellectual Property Conventions  
  Annex 1705.7: Copyright  
  Annex 1710.9: Layout Designs  
  Annex 1718.14: Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights  
Part Seven: Administrative and Institutional Provisions Back to top!
Chapter Eighteen Publication, Notification and Administration of Laws Back to top!
Article 1801 Contact Points  
Article 1802 Publication  
Article 1803 Notification and Provision of Information  
Article 1804 Administrative Proceedings  
Article 1805 Review and Appeal  
Article 1806 Definitions  
Chapter Nineteen Review and Dispute Settlement in Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Matters Back to top!
Article 1901 General Provisions  
Article 1902 Retention of Domestic Antidumping Law and Countervailing Duty Law  
Article 1903 Review of Statutory Amendments  
Article 1904 Review of Final Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Determinations  
Article 1905 Safeguarding the Panel Review System  
Article 1906 Prospective Application  
Article 1907 Consultations  
Article 1908 Special Secretariat Provisions  
Article 1909 Code of Conduct  
Article 1910 Miscellaneous  
Article 1911 Definitions  
  Annex 1901.2: Establishment of Binational Panels  
  Annex 1903.2: Panel Procedures Under Article 1903  
  Annex 1904.13: Extraordinary Challenge Procedure  
  Annex 1904.15: Amendments to Domestic Laws  
  Annex 1905.6: Special Committee Procedures  
  Annex 1911: Country Specific Definitions  
Chapter Twenty

Institutional Arrangements and Dispute Settlement Procedures Back to top!
Section A Institutions Back to top!
Article 2001 The Free Trade Commission  
Article 2002 The Secretariat  
Section B   Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 2003 Cooperation  
Article 2004 Recourse to Dispute Settlement Procedures  
Article 2005 GATT Dispute Settlement  
Article 2006 Consultations  
Article 2007 Commission - Good Offices, Conciliation and Meditation  
Article 2008 Request for Arbitral Panel  
Article 2009 Roster  
Article 2010 Qualifications of Panelists  
Article 2011 Panel Selection  
Article 2012 Rules of Procedure  
Article 2013 Third Party Participation  
Article 2014 Role of Experts  
Article 2015 Scientific Review Boards  
Article 2016 Initial Report  
Article 2017 Final Report  
Article 2018 Implementation of Final Report  
Article 2019 Non-Implementation - Suspension of Benefits  
Section C Domestic Proceedings and Private Commercial Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 2020 Referrals of Matters from Judicial or Administrative Proceedings  
Article 2021 Private Rights  
Article 2022 Alternative Dispute Resolution  
  Annex 2001.2: Committees and Working Groups  
  Annex 2002.2: Remuneration and Payment of Expenses  
  Annex 2004: Nullification and Impairment  
Part Eight: Other Provisions Back to top!
Chapter Twenty-One Exceptions Back to top!
Article 2101 General Exceptions  
Article 2102 National Security  
Article 2103 Taxation  
Article 2104 Balance of Payments  
Article 2105 Disclosure of Information  
Article 2106 Cultural Industries  
Article 2107 Definitions  
  Annex 2103.4: Specific Taxation Measures  
  Annex 2103.6: Competent Authorities  
  Annex 2106: Cultural Industries  
Chapter Twenty-Two Final Provisions Back to top!
Article 2201 Annexes  
Article 2202 Amendments  
Article 2203 Entry into Force  
Article 2204 Accession  
Article 2205 Withdrawal  
Article 2206 Authentic Texts  
Notes   Back to top!
Annex 401: Specific Rules of Origin Back to top!
  Section A: General Interpretative Note  
  Section B: Specific Rules of Origin  
  Chapters 29 - 40  
  Chapters 41 - 60  
  Chapter 61  
  Chapter 62  
  Chapters 63 - 71  
  Chapters 72 - 83  
  Chapter 84  
  Chapter 85  
  Chapters 86 - 89  
  Chapter 90  
  Chapters 91 - 97  
  New Tariff Items for NAFTA  
Annexes I - VII: Reservations and Exceptions to Investment, Cross-Border Trade in Services and Financial Services Chapters Back to top!
  Annex I: Reservations for Existing Measures and Liberalization Commitments (Chapters 11, 12, and 14) Back to top!
  Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Schedule of United States  
  Annex II: Reservations for Future Measures (Chapters 11, 12, and 14) Back to top!
  Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Schedule of United States  
  Annex III: Activities Reserved to the State (Chapter 11) Back to top!
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Annex IV: Exceptions from Most-Favored-Nation Treatment (Chapter 11) Back to top!
  Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Schedule of United States  
  Annex V: Quantitative Restrictions (Chapter 12) Back to top!
  Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Schedule of United States  
  Annex VI: Miscellaneous Commitments (Chapter 12) Back to top!
  Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Schedule of United States  
  Annex VII: Reservations, Specific Commitments and Other Items (Chapter 14) Back to top!
  Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule of Mexico  
  Schedule of United States  
  Sources: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada; Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)Offsite link!  
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  01 January 1994
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