North American Free Trade Agreement

Chapter Ten: Government Procurement

Appendix 1001.1b-2-B: Common Classification System



1. It is understood that the Parties will continue to work on the development of definitions related to the categories and other ongoing enhancements to the Classification System.

2. The Parties will continue to review outstanding technical issues that may arise from time to time.

3. This common classification system follows the format described below:

    Group = one digit

    Sub-group = two digit

    Class = four digit

A - Research and Development

    Definition of research and development contracts:

    Procurement of research and development services include the acquisition of specialized expertise for the purposes of increasing knowledge in science; applying increased scientific knowledge or exploiting the potential of scientific discoveries and improvements in technology to advance the state of art; and systematically using increases in scientific knowledge and advances in state of art to design, develop, test, or evaluate new products or services.

    R&D Codes:

    The R&D code is composed of two alphabetic digits. The first digit is always the letter "A" to identify R&D, the second digit is alphabetic "A to Z" to identify the major sub-group.

Code Descriptions

AA Agriculture
AB Community Services and Development
AC Defense Systems
AD Defense - Other
AE Economic Growth and Productivity
AF Education
AG Energy
AH Environmental Protection
AJ General Science and Technology
AK Housing
AL Income Security
AM International Affairs and Cooperation
AN Medical
AP Natural Resources
AQ Social Services
AR Space
AS Transportation - Modal
AT Transportation - General
AV Mining Activities
AZ Other Research and Development

B - Studies and Analysis - (not R&D)

Definition of studies and analysis:

Procurement of special studies and analyses are organized, analytic assessments that provide insights for understanding complex issues or improving policy development or decision making. Output obtained in such acquisitions is a formal, structured document including data or other information that form the basis for conclusions or recommendations.

B0Natural Sciences
B000Chemical/Biological Studies and Analyses
B001Endangered Species Studies - Plant and Animal
B002Animal and Fisheries Studies
B003Grazing/Range Studies
B004Natural Resource Studies
B005Oceanological Studies
B009Other Natural Sciences Studies
B1Environmental Studies
B100Air Quality Analyses
B101Environmental Studies Development of Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments
B102Soil Studies
B103Water Quality Studies
B104Wildlife Studies
B109Other Environmental Studies
B2Engineering Studies
B200Geological Studies
B201Geophysical Studies
B202Geotechnical Studies
B203Scientific Data Studies
B204Seismological Studies
B205Building Technology Studies
B206Energy Studies
B207Technology Studies
B208Housing and Community Development Studies (incl. Urban/Town Planning Studies)
B219Other Engineering Studies
B3Administrative Support Studies
B300Cost Benefit Analyses
B301Data Analyses (other than scientific)
B302Feasibility Studies (non-construction)
B303Mathematical/Statistical Analyses
B304Regulatory Studies
B305Intelligence Studies
B306Defense Studies
B307Security Studies (Physical and Personal)
B308Accounting/Financial Management Studies
B309Trade Issue Studies
B310Foreign Policy/National Security Policy Studies
B311Organization/Administrative/Personnel Studies
B312Mobilization/Preparedness Studies
B313Manpower Studies
B314Acquisition Policy/Procedures Studies
B329Other Administrative Support Studies
B4Space Studies
B400Aeronautic/Space Studies
B5Social Studies and Humanities
B500Archeological/Paleontological Studies
B501Historical Studies
B502Recreation Studies
B503Medical and Health Studies
B504Educational Studies and Analyses
B505Elderly/Handicapped Studies
B506Economic Studies
B507Legal Studies
B509Other Studies and Analyses

C - Architect and Engineering Services
C1 - Architect and Engineering Services - Related To Construction
C11 Building and Facility Structures
C111Administrative and Service Buildings
C112Airfield, Communication and Missile Facilities
C113Educational Buildings
C114Hospital Buildings
C115Industrial Buildings
C116Residential Buildings
C117Warehouse Buildings
C118Research and Development Facilities
C119Other Buildings
C12 Non-Building Structures
C121Conservation and Development
C122Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges and Railways
C123Electric Power Generation (EPG)
C129Other Non-Building Structures
C2 - Architect and Engineering Services - Not Related to Construction
C211Architect - Engineer Services (incl. landscaping, interior layout and designing)
C212Engineering Drafting Services
C213A&E Inspection Services
C214A&E Management Engineering Services
C215A&E Production Engineering Services (incl. Design and Control and Building Programming)
C216Marine Architect and Engineering Services
C219Other Architect and Engineering Services

D - Information Processing and Related Telecommunications Services
D301ADP Facility Operation and Maintenance Services
D302OADP Systems Development Services
D303ADP Data Entry Services
D304ADP Telecommunications and Transmission Services
D305ADP Teleprocessing and Timesharing Services
D306ADP Systems Analysis Services
D307Automated Information System Design and Integration Services
D308Programming Services
D309Information and Data Broadcasting or Data Distribution Services
D310ADP Backup and Security Services
D311ADP Data Conversion Services
D312ADP Optical Scanning Services
D313Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services
D314ADP System Acquisition Support Services (Includes preparation of statement of work, benchmarks,specifications, etc.)
D315Digitizing Services (Includes cartographic and geographic information)
D316Telecommunications Network Management Services
D317Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services. Buying data (the electronic equivalent of books, periodicals, newspapers, etc.)
D399Other ADP and Telecommunications Services (incl. data storage on tapes, Compact Disk (CD), etc.

E - Environmental Services
E101Air Quality Support Services
E102Industrial Investigation Surveys and Technical Support Related to Air Pollution
E103Water Quality Support Services
E104Industrial Investigation Surveys and Technical Support Related to Water Pollution
E106Toxic Substances Support Services
E107Hazardous Substance Analysis
E108Hazardous Substance Removal, Cleanup, and Disposal Services and Operational Support
E109Leaking Underground Storage Tank Support Services
E110Industrial Investigations, Surveys and Technical Support for Multiple Pollutants
E111Oil Spill Response including Cleanup, Removal, Disposal and Operational Support
E199Other Environmental Services

F - Natural Resources Services
F0 Agriculture and Forestry Services
F001Forest/Range Fire Suppression/Presuppression Services (incl. Water Bombing)
F002Forest/Range Fire Rehabilitation Services (non-construction)
F003Forest Tree Planting Services
F004Land Treatment Practices Services (plowing/clearing, etc.)
F005Range Seeding Services (ground equipment)
F006Crop Services (incl. Seed Collection and Production Services)
F007Seedling Production/Transplanting Services
F008Tree Breeding Services (incl. ornamental shrub)
F009Tree Thinning Services
F010Other Range/Forest Improvements Services (non-construction)
F011Pesticides /Insecticides Support Services
F02 Animal Care / Control Services
F020Other Wildlife Management Services
F021Veterinary/Animal Care Services (incl. Livestock Services)
F029Other Animal Care/Control Services
F03Fisheries and Ocean Services
F030Fisheries Resources Management Services
F031Fish Hatchery Services
F04 Mining
F040Surface Mining Reclamation Services (non-construction)
F041Well Drilling
F042Other Services Incidental to Mining Except Those Listed in F040 and F041
F05Other Natural Resources Services
F050Recreation Site Maintenance Services (non-construction)
F051Survey Line Clearing Services
F059Other Natural Resources and Conservation Services

G - Health and Social Services
G0 Health Services
G001Health Care
G002Internal Medicine
G009Other Health Services
G 1 Social Services
G100Care of Remains and/or Funeral Services
G101Chaplain Services
G102Recreational Services (incl. Entertainment Services)
G103Social Rehabilitation Services
G104Geriatric Services
G199Other Social Services

H - Quality Control, Testing, Inspection and Technical Representative Services
HOTechnical Representative Services
HlQuality Control Services
H2Equipment and Materials Testing
H3Inspection Services (incl. commercial testing and Laboratory Services, Except Medical/Dental)
H9Other Quality Control, Testing, Inspection and Technical Representative Services

J - Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods/Equipment
JOMaintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods/Equipment; includes as examples:
1. Textile Finishing, Dying and Printing
2. Welding services not related to Construction. (see CPC 5155 for Construction Welding)
J998Non-nuclear Ship Repair (including overhauls and conversions)

K - Custodial Operations and Related Services
K0 Personal Care Services (incl. services such as Barber and Beauty Shop, Shoe Repairs and Tailoring etc.)
K1 Custodial Services
K100Custodial - Janitorial Services
K101Fire Protection Services
K102Food Services
K103Fueling and Other Petroleum Services - Excluding Storage
K104Trash/Garbage Collection Services - Including Portable Sanitation Services
K105Guard Services
K106Insect and Rodent Control Services
K107Landscaping/Groundskeeping Services
K108Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
K109Surveillance Services
K110Solid Fuel Handling Services
K111Carpet Cleaning
K112Interior Plantscaping
K113Snow Removal/Salt Service (also spreading aggregate or other snow meltings material)
K114Waste Treatment and Storage
K115Preparation and Disposal of Excess and Surplus Property
K116Other Salvage Services
K199Other Custodial and Related Services

L - Financial and Related Services
L000Government Life Insurance Programs
L001Government Health Insurance Programs
L002Other Government Insurance Programs
L003Non-Government Insurance Programs
L004Other Insurance Services
L005Credit Reporting Services
L006Banking Services
L007Debt Collection Services
L008Coin Minting
L009Banknote Printing
L099Other Financial Services

M - Operation of Government - Owned Facilities
M110Administrative Facilities and Service Buildings
M120Airfield, Communications, and Missile Facilities
M130Educational Buildings
M140Hospital Buildings
M150Industrial Buildings
M160Residential Buildings
M170Warehouse Buildings
M180Research and Development Facilities
M190Other Buildings
M210Conservation and Development Facilities
M220Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges and Railways
M230Electric Power Generation (EPG) Facilities
M290Other Non-Building Facilities

R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
R0 Professional Services
R001Specifications Development Services
R002Technology Sharing/Utilization Services
R003Legal Services
R004Certifications and Accreditations for products and institutions other than Educational Institutions
R005Technical Assistance
R006Technical Writing Services
R007Systems Engineering Services
R008Engineering and Technical Services (incl. Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronic Engineering)
R009Accounting Services
R010Auditing Services
R011Ongoing Audit Operations Support
R012Patent and Trade Mark Services
R013Real Property Appraisals Services
R014Operations Research Studies / Quantitative Analysis Studies
R016Personal Services Contracts
R019Other Professional Services
R1 Administrative and Management Support Services
R100 Intelligence Services
R101Expert Witness
R102Weather Reporting/Observation Services
R103Courier and Messenger Services
R104Transcription Services
R105Mailing and Distribution Services (Excluding Post Office Services)
R106Post Office Services
R107Library Services
R108Word Processing/Typing Services
R109Translation and Interpreting Services (Including Sign Language)
R110Stenographic Services
R111Personal Property Management Services
R112Information Retrieval (non-automated)
R113Data Collection Services
R114Logistics Support Services
R115Contract, Procurement, and Acquisition Support Services
R116Court Reporting Services
R117Paper Shredding Services
R118Real Estate Brokerage Services
R119Industrial Hygienics
R120Policy Review/Development Services
R121Program Evaluation Studies
R122Program Management/Support Services
R123Program Review/Development Services
R199Other Administrative and Management Support Services
R2 Personnel Recruitment
R200Military Personnel Recruitment
R201Civilian Personnel Recruitment (incl. Services of Employment Agencies)

S - Utilities
S000 Gas Services
S001Electric Services
S002Telephone and/or Communications Services (incl. Telegraph, Telex and Cablevision Service)
S003Water Services
S099Other Utilities

T - Communications, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services
T000Communications Studies
T001Market Research and Public Opinion Services (Formerly Telephone and Field Interview Services incl. Focus testing, Syndicated and attitude Surveys)
T002Communications Services (incl. exhibit Services)
T003Advertising Services
T004Public Relations Services (incl. Writing Services, Event Planning and Management, Media Relations, Radio and TV Analysis, Press Services)
T005Arts/Graphics Services
T006Cartography Services
T007Charting Services
T008Film Processing Services
T009Film/Video Tape Production Services
T010Microfiche Services
T011Photogrammetry Services
T012Aerial Photographic Services
T013General Photographic Services - Still
T014Print/Binding Services
T015Reproduction Services
T016Topography Services
T017General Photographic Services - Motion
T018Audio/Visual Services
T019Land Surveys, Cadastral Services (non-construction)
T099Other Communication, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services

U - Educational and Training Services
U001Lectures For Training
U002Personnel Testing
U003Reserve Training (Military)
U004Scientific and Management Education
U005Tuition, Registration, and Membership Fees
U007Faculty Salaries for Schools Overseas
U008Training/Curriculum Development
U009Informatics Training
U010Certifications and Accreditations for Educational Institutions
U099Other Education and Training Services

V - Transporation, Travel and Relocation Services
V0 Land Transport Services
V000Motor Pool Operations
V001Motor Freight
V002Rail Freight
V003Motor Charter for Things
V004Rail Charter for Things
V005Motor Passenger Service
V006Rail Passenger Service
V007Passenger Motor Charter Service
V008Passenger Rail Charter Service
V009Ambulance Service
V010Taxicab Services
V011Security Vehicle Service
V1 Water Transport Services
V100Vessel Freight
V101Marine Charter for Things
V102Marine Passenger Service
V103Passenger Marine Charter Service
V2 Air Transport Services
V200Air Freight
V201Air Charter for Things
V202Air Passenger Service
V203Passenger Air Charter Service
V204Specialty air Services including Aerial Fertilization, Spraying and Seeding
V3 Space Transportation and Launch Services
V4 Other Transport Services
V401Other Transportation Travel and Relocation Services
V402Other Cargo and Freight Services
V403Other Vehicle Charter for Transportation of Things
V5 Supporting and Auxiliary Transport Services
V501Vessel Towing Service
V502Relocation Services
V503Travel Agent Services
V504Packing/Crating Services
V505Warehousing and Storage Services
V506Salvage of Marine Vessels
V507Salvage of Aircraft
V508Navigational Aid and Pilotage Services

W - Lease and Rental of Equipment
WOLease or Rental of Equipment

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