SICE's Trade Policy-Related Resources

SICE   Glossaries of Trade Terms
SICE's dictionary of trade-related terms, the searchable version of the FTAA dictionary of trade terms as well as a selection of links to other trade related glossaries from national, regional and international sources.
Trade-Related Links

Links to specialized sources of information on trade flows and tariffs as well as national statistical agencies.
small arrow Links to national trade policy bodies in OAS Member States
small arrow Links to tariff and trade data for OAS Member States

Resources on Trade and Gender
Part of the OAS's effort to mainstream gender into its activities, this website centralizes studies and articles on trade and gender, links to international, regional and national sources of information, provisions in trade agreements relating to gender.
Caribbean Trade Reference Centre
arrow Information on trade policy in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Trade Reference Centre (CTRC) is comprised of thirteen country-specific databases, centralizing national trade policy documents as well as information concerning trade issues of interest to the Caribbean. The CTRC is a project managed by SICE, supported by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
Studies by the Tripartite Committee (ECLAC, IADB, OAS)
arrow A Comparative Guide to the Chile-United States Free Trade Agreement and the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement