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Canada's Proposals for the FTAA Agreement 
FTAA Negotiating Groups - Canadian Written Submissions 


August 2000

  1. Each Party shall make every effort to fully implement and abide by the World Trade Organization Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade; 
  2. In order to assist the less developed Parties to this Agreement better fulfill their commitments the more developed Parties will make all reasonable efforts to provide technical assistance; 
  3. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade which shall meet every second year to review matters related to this Chapter, including any matter falling under the scope of the subject matter of the TBT noted in Paragraph 1 above that has a particular interest to Parties to the Agreement as well as issues related to the technical assistance as provided in paragraph 2 above. 

Rationale for the Canadian proposal on Technical Barriers to Trade

Canada believes that the main elements of importance for dealing with technical barriers to trade are either (a) already dealt with in the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, or (b) require a broader framework of discussion and commitment than is possible in the context of the negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement for the Americas.

We believe that the WTO TBT Agreement is basically focussed on controlling the illegitimate or unjustified use of government regulatory powers in a way that has an undue (more restrictive than necessary) or discriminatory impact on trade. Any significant departures from, clarifications of, or additions to these disciplines should implicate a significant majority of the members of the WTO.

As well we understand that many developing countries are experiencing difficulties at meeting the current disciplines in a timely fashion and are concerned that they be more fully involved in the activities and deliberations leading to the development and adoption of international standards.

For these reasons Canada argues that the FTAA should focus its energies on :

  • implementing the WTO TBT Agreement; 
  • providing trade related technical assistance to the less developed members of the FTAA on matters related to international standards and conformity assessment; and 
    in order to have a regular dialogue and to provide a forum for discussion on regulatory issues in trade and the attendant standards issues the FTAA should establish a committee to meet approximately every other year to discuss issues related to TBT of a regional character.

Source: Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade