Airport incoming immigration formality booths for nationals and foreign residents of Member Countries


HAVING SEEN: Decisions 503 and 504 of the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers on the recognition of national identification documents and the Creation of the Andean Passport; Commission Decision 463 containing the Regime for the Development and Integration of Tourism in the Andean Community; and General Secretariat Proposal 70/Rev. 1;

WHEREAS: It is important to provide for promotional and cooperative efforts in the common interest, particularly with regard to the free passage of persons for purposes of tourism that will help to establish a Community identity among the Member Countries of the Andean Community;

It is the will of the Andean Community Member Countries to agree upon measures to facilitate the immigration control and passage of national and resident tourists from the Member Countries;

The Andean Committee of Immigration Authorities (CAAM), at their Sixth Regular Meeting, recommended that the General Secretariat present to the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers the draft decision on airport incoming immigration formality booths for nationals and foreign residents of Member Countries;


Article 1.- To approve the installation of �Special Airport Incoming immigration formality booths� for nationals and foreign residents of the Andean Community Member Countries.

The number of incoming immigration formality booths at each airport should be compatible with the passenger flow.

Article 2.- The incoming immigration formality booths shall be installed initially and gradually in the following Member Country airports:

- In Bolivia: In El Alto International Airport in La Paz and Viru-Viru International Airport
  in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

- In Colombia: In El Dorado Airport in Bogot�; Rafael Nu�ez Airport in Cartagena;
  Jos� Mar�a C�rdova Airport in Medell�n and Alfonso Bonilla Arag�n Airport in Cali.

- In Ecuador: In Mariscal Sucre Airport in Quito and Sim�n Bol�var Airport in

- In Peru: In Jorge Ch�vez Airport in Lima; Velasco Astete Airport in Cuzco and 
  Francisco Secada Vigneta Airport in Iquitos.

- In Venezuela: In Sim�n Bol�var Airport in Caracas; La Chinita Airport in Maracaibo
  and Santiago Mari�o Airport in the State of Nueva Esparta.

Article 3.- The installation of the booths will not impede nationals and foreign residents of the Member Countries from using the other incoming immigration control booths that exist in the airports referred to in the preceding article.

Article 4.- The booths should be identified uniformly by bearing the words �COMUNIDAD ANDINA (ANDEAN COMMUNITY).�

Article 5.- This Decision shall enter into effect on January 1, 2003 and the competent national bodies should make appropriate arrangements for its implementation.

Signed in the city of Lima, Peru, on the seventh of July of two thousand and two.