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  Background documents regarding the UNCITRAL Model Law
on Electronic Commerce

  Primer on Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property (WIPO, May 2000)

    "Responding to the Legal Obstacles to Electronic Commerce in Latin America" Conference Report of The National Law Center for Inter -American Free Trade, October 1999, Washington, DC

Articles regarding the Organisation for Economic Co - Operation and Development (OECD) work on e-commerce

United Trade Conference on Trade and Developmet (UNCTAD), Links to Documents on Electronic Commerce

"A Quantitative Assessment of Electronic Commerce", World Trade Organization, September 1999
"E- commerce Readiness Assessment Guide", Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), 2000

"A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce", Information Infrastructure Task Force (IITF)

Berkey, Judson and Tinawi, Emad. "E-Services and the WTO: the Adequacy of the GATS Classification Framework." OECD, 1999.

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Mann, Catherine. "Transatlantic Issues in Electronic Commerce." Institute for International Economics, October 2000. 

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Agency for International Trade Information and Cooperation. "Electronic Commerce within the Framework of the WTO: Implications for the Less Advantaged Countries." AITIC, August 1999
UNCTAD. "Building Confidence: Electronic Commerce and Development." UNCTAD, 2000 (188pp; 1.2MB) 
Alliance for Global Business (AGB): "Fact Sheet on the Duty-Free Treatment of Electronic Transmissions and Its Importance to Global Electronic Commerce and Expanded International Trade" AGB, October 1999
"Internationalization of E-Commerce." a symposium of articles by the U.S. Department of State, May 2000
UNCTAD's Positive Agenda for Electronic Commerce. Resources and Publications
United States Information Agency. "Electronic Commerce." Global Issues, October 1997
  The World Trade Organization's E-Commerce Information page