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World Trade
9 May  2000
Original: English

Brazil - Export Financing Programme for Aircraft -
Recourse by Canada to Article 21.5 of the DSU

Report of the panel


7.1 For the reasons set forth in this Report, we conclude that Brazil's measures to comply with the Panel's recommendation either do not exist or are not consistent with the SCM Agreement. Accordingly, we conclude that Brazil has failed to implement the DSB's 20 August 1999 recommendation that it withdraw the export subsidies for regional aircraft under PROEX within 90 days.

7.2 Canada requests that we suggest, pursuant to Article 19.1 of the DSU, that the parties develop mechanisms that would allow Canada to verify compliance with the original recommendation of the DSB. Canada notes that Brazil has a reciprocal interest in verifying Canada's compliance in a parallel dispute, Canada – Aircraft(99). Canada emphasises that it is not seeking a continuing role for the Panel in proposing such verification procedures, nor is it requesting that we impose such procedures. Brazil responds that, although it does not in principle oppose an agreement with Canada on reciprocal transparency, it does not consider that it is an appropriate matter for a suggestion under Article 19.1 of the DSU, but is better left to be agreed by the parties. Brazil notes that any such agreement would have to involve balanced and truly reciprocal offers of transparency.

7.3 We note that Article 19.1 provides that "the panel . . . may suggest ways in which the Member concerned could implement the recommendation". In our view, Article 19.1 appears to envision suggestions regarding what could be done to a measure to bring it into conformity or, in case of a recommendation under Article 4.7 of the SCM Agreement, what could be done to "withdraw" the prohibited subsidy. It is not clear if Article 19.1 also addresses issues of surveillance of those steps. That said, any agreement that WTO Members might reach among themselves to improve transparency regarding the implementation of WTO obligations can only be encouraged

99.First Submission of Canada, para. 45