Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement
  Preamble PDF  
Part One General Part Back to top!
Chapter I Objectives PDF  
Chapter II General Definitions PDF  

Annex II.1.1: Country-Specific Definitions PDF

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Chapter III National Treatment and Market Access of Goods PDF  
Annex III.1: Textiles and Apparel Goods PDF
  Appendix III.1.1.1: List of Goods Covered by Annex III.1PDF  
  Appendix III.1.5.1: Flexibility Provisions PDF  
  Appendix III.1.6.1: Special Provisions PDF  
  Appendix III.1.6.2: Conversion Factors PDF  

Appendix III.1.7: Country-Specific Definitions PDF

  Annex III.2: Exceptions to Articles III.2 and III.7 PDF  
  Annex III.3.1: Tariff Elimination PDF  
  Tariff Schedule of Canada  
  Schedule Categories PDF


Tariff Elimination Schedule PDF

  Tariff Schedule of Costa Rica  
  Schedule Categories Spanish versionPDF  
  Notes Spanish versionPDF  
  Tariff Elimination Schedule Spanish version PDF  
  Annex III.3.2: Special Safeguards PDF  
  Appendix to Annex III.3.2.1 PDF  

Annex III.8: Wine and Distilled Spirits PDF


Annex III.10: Export Taxes PDF

Chapter IV Rules of Origin PDF  
  Annex IV.1: Specific Rules of Origin PDF  
  Annex IV.5: Inventory Management Methods PDF  
Chapter V Customs Procedures PDF  
Chapter VI Emergency Action PDF  
  Annex VI.3: Administration of Emergency Action Proceedings PDF  
  Annex VI.5: Country-Specific Definitions PDF  
Chapter VII Antidumping Measures PDF  
Part Three Services and Investment Back to top!
Chapter VIII Services and Investment PDF  
Part Four Trade Facilitation Back to top!
Chapter IX Trade Facilitation and Additional Provisions PDF  
Chapter X Temporary Entry PDF  
Part Five Competition Policy Back to top!
Chapter XI Competition Policy PDF  
Part Six Administrative and Institutional Provisions Back to top!
Chapter XII Publication, Notification and Administration of Laws PDF  
Chapter XIII Institutional Arrangements and Dispute Settlement Procedures PDF  
  Annex XIII.1.4: Implementation of the Modifications Approved by  the Commission PDF  
  Annex XIII.2.2: Committees PDF  
  Annex XIII.3.2: Remuneration and Payment of Expenses PDF  
  Annex XIII.5: Nullification and Impairment PDF  
Part Seven Other Provisions Back to top!
Chapter XIV Exceptions PDF  
  Annex XIV.3.1: Double Taxation PDF  
Chapter XV Final Provisions PDF  
Source: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) Off site link!  
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About the Agreement
  23 April 2001
  Entry into Force
  01 November 2002
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