Preferential Trade Agreement MERCOSUR-India
Chapter I Purpose of the Agreement  
Chapter II Trade Liberalisation  
Chapter III General Exceptions  
Chapter IV State Trading Enterprises  
Chapter V Rules of Origin  
Chapter VI National Treatment  
Chapter VII Customs Valuation  
Chapter VIII Safeguard Measures  
Chapter IX Antidumping and Countervailing Measures  
Chapter X Technical Barriers to Trade  
Chapter XI Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures  
Chapter XII Administration of the Agreement  
Chapter XIII Amendments and Modifications  
Chapter XIV Settlement of Disputes  
Chapter XV Entry into Force  
Chapter XVI Withdrawal  
Chapter XVII Depositary  
Chapter XVIII Transitory Provision  
Annex I MERCOSUR's offer list to India Excel  
Annex II India's offer list to MERCOSUR Excel  
Annex III Rules of Origin Word  
Annex IV Safeguard Measures Word  
Annex V Dispute Settlement Procedure Word  
* The Annexes were incorporated on March 19, 2005  

Source: Ministry of External Relations of Brazil Enlace a sitio fuera de SICE

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About the Agreement
  25 January 2004
  Entry into Force
  01 June 2009