National Legislation on antidumping, provisions on antidumping in regional trade agreements, statistics and more information.

  Competition Policy
    National Legislation, authorities responsible for competition policy, journals, articles, and more information.
  Dispute Settlement
    Dispute settlement mechanisms, procedures and legal texts established in existing trade agreements in the Americas and in the WTO.
  Electronic Commerce
    National legislation, articles and publications, and more information on electronic commerce.
  Intellectual Property Rights
    Laws on copyright and related rights and industrial property, and on authorities responsible for intellectual property, and more information.
    Provisions on investment in regional agreements, bilateral investment treaties, national legislation and more information.
    Agreements on trade in services, contact points, articles and more information.
  Technical Barriers to Trade
    Provisions on technical barriers to trade at multilateral and regional level, articles and relevant links

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Relevant national legislation, trade agreements provisions, and information on specialized governmental agencies for key trade issues addressed in negotiations.