Mexico - EFTA States* Free Trade Agreement

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  I. General Provisions Back to top!
Article 1 Objectives  
Article 2 Geographical scope  
Article 3 Trade and economic relations governed by this Agreement  
  II. Trade in Goods Back to top!
Article 4 Coverage  
Article 5 Rules of origin and administrative co-operation  
Article 6 Customs duties  
Article 7 Import and export restrictions  
Article 8 National treatment on internal taxation and regulation  
Article 9 Sanitary and phytosanitary measures  
Article 10 Technical regulations  
Article 11 Subsidies  
Article 12 State trading enterprises  
Article 13 Anti-dumping  
Article 14 Safeguards  
Article 15 Shortage clause  
Article 16 Balance of payments difficulties  
Article 17 General exceptions  
Article 18 Security exceptions  
  III. Services and Investment Back to top!
Section I Trade in Services Back to top!
Article 19 Coverage  
Article 20 Definitions  
Article 21 Market Access  
Article 22 Most Favoured Nation Treatment  
Article 23 National Treatment  
Article 24 Trade Liberalisation  
Article 25 Right to Regulate  
Article 26 Mutual Recognition  
Section II Maritime Transport Back to top!
Article 27 International Maritime Transport  
Section III Financial Services Back to top!
Article 28 Definitions  
Article 29 Establishment of Financial Service Suppliers  
Article 30 Cross-Border Provision of Financial Services  
Article 31 National Treatment  
Article 32 Most Favoured Nation Treatment  
Article 33 Key Personnel  
Article 34 Commitments  
Article 35 Right to Regulate  
Article 36 Prudential Carve-Out  
Article 37 Effective and Transparent Regulation  
Article 38 New Financial Services  
Article 39 Data Processing  
Article 40 Sub-Committee on Financial Services  
Article 41 Consultations  
Article 42 Dispute Settlement  
Article 43 Specific Exceptions  
Section IV General Exceptions Back to top!
Article 44 Exceptions  
Section V Investment Back to top!
Article 45 Definitions  
Article 46 Transfers  
Article 47 Investment Promotion between the Parties  
Article 48 International Commitments on Investment  
Article 49 Review Clause  
Section VI Balance of Payments Difficulties Back to top!
Article 50 Balance of Payments Difficulties  
  IV Competition Back to top!
Article 51 Objective and General Principles  
Article 52 Co-Operation  
Article 53 Confidentiality  
Article 54 Sub-Committee on Competition  
Article 55 Consultations  
  V Government Procurement Back to top!
Article 56 Coverage  
Article 57 National Treatment and Non-Discrimination  
Article 58 Rules of Origin  
Article 59 Denial of Benefits  
Article 60 Prohibition of Offsets  
Article 61 Procurement Procedures and Other Provisions  
Article 62 Bid Challenge  
Article 63 Provision of Information  
Article 64 Technical Co-operation  
Article 65 Exceptions  
Article 66 Privatisation of Entities  
Article 67 Further Negotiations  
Article 68 Other Provisions  
  VI Intellectual Property Back to top!
Article 69 Protection of Intellectual Property  
  VII Institutional Provisions Back to top!
Article 70 The Joint Committee  
  VIII Dispute Settlement Back to top!
Article 71 Scope      
Article 72 Consultations  
Article 73 Establishment of an Arbitration Panel  
Article 74 Appointment of Arbitrators  
Article 75 Panel Reports  
Article 76 Implementation of Panel Reports  
Article 77 Choice of Forum  
Article 78 General Provisions  
  IX Final Clauses Back to top!
Article 79 Transparency        
Article 80 Annexes  
Article 81 Amendments  
Article 82 Additional Parties  
Article 83 Withdrawal and Termination  
Article 84 Entry into Force  
Article 85 Depositary  
Annexes   Back to top!
  Annex I: Definition of the concept of originating products and methods of administrative co-operationPDF  
  Appendix 1 to Annex I: Introductory notes to the list in appendixes 2 and 2(a)PDF  
  Appendix 2 to Annex I: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating statusPDF  
  Appendix 2(a) to Annex I: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating statusPDF  
  Appendix 3 to Annex I: Movement certificate EUR.1 and application for a movement certificate EUR.1PDF  
  Appendix 4 to Annex I: Invoice declarationPDF 
  Annex II: Territorial applicationPDF 
  Annex III: Fish and other marine productsPDF 
  Annex IV: Products for animal feedingPDF 
  Annex V: Customs dutiesPDF  
  Appendix to Annex V: Tariff elimination schedule of MexicoPDF 
  Annex VI: Import and export restrictionsPDF  
  Annex VII: National treatment on internal taxation and regulationPDF  
  Annex VIII: Reservation listsPDF  
  Annex IX: Authorities responsible for financial servicesPDF 
  Annex X: Mandate for the sub-committee on financial servicesPDF 
  Annex XI: Competition lawsPDF  
  Annex XII: Government procurement: covered entitiesPDF  
  Annex XIII: Government procurement: covered goodsPDF  
  Annex XIV: Government procurement: covered servicesPDF  
  Annex XV: Government procurement: covered construction servicesPDF 
  Annex XVI: Government procurement: thresholdsPDF  
  Annex XVII: Government procurement: general notesPDF  
  Annex XVIII: Government procurement: procurement procedures and other provisionsPDF  
  Annex XIX: Government procurement: publicationsPDF  
  Annex XX: Government procurement: provision of informationPDF  
  Annex XXI: Protection of Intellectual PropertyPDF  
  Agricultural Agreements Back to top!
  Agricultural Agreement between the United Mexican States and the Republic of IcelandPDF 
  Agricultural Agreement between the Kingdom of Norway and the United Mexican StatesPDF  
  Agricultural Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the United Mexican StatesPDF  
Full Text of the AgreementPDF  
Source: EFTA SecretariatOffsite link!  
*EFTA member states -- Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland Back to top!
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About the Agreement
  27 November 2000
  Entry into Force
  01 July 2001
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