CARICOM-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement


  Preamble pdf  
Part One General Part to the top!
Chapter I Initial Provisions and Institutional Arrangements pdf  
Annex I.06.9: Implementation of the Modifications Approved by the Joint Council pdf  
Annex I.07.2(f): Remuneration and Payment of Expenses pdf  
Chapter II General Definitions pdf  
Annex II.01: Specific Definitions pdf  
Part Two Trade in Goods to the top!
Chapter III National Treatment and Access of Goods to the Market pdf  
Annex III.04.2: Costa Rica – CARICOM Tariff Elimination Schedule pdf  
Annex III.04.6: Goods produced by companies operating under Free Trade Zone Regimes eligible for tariff elimination benefits pdf  
Chapter IV Rules of Origin pdf  
Annex IV.03: Specific Rules of Origin  
Chapter V Customs Procedures pdf  
Chapter VI Antidumping Measures pdf  
Chapter VII Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures pdf  
Chapter VIII Technical Barriers to Trade pdf  
Part Three Services and Investment to the top!
Chapter IX Services pdf  
Chapter X Investment pdf  
Chapter XI Temporary Entry pdf  
Part Four Administrative and Institutional Provisions to the top!
Chapter XII Publication, Notification, Information and Administration of Laws pdf  
Chapter XIII Dispute Settlement pdf  
Annex XIII.01: Nullification and Impairment  
Part Five Other Provisions to the top!
Chapter XIV Competition Policy pdf  
Chapter XV Government Procurement pdf  
Part Six Final Provisions to the top!
Chapter XVI Exceptions pdf  
Chapter XVII Final Provisions pdf  
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About the Agreement
  09 March 2004
  Entry into Force

Costa Rica - Barbados:

  01 August 2006
  Costa Rica - Belize:
  10 March 2011
  Costa Rica - Guyana:
  30 April 2006
  Costa Rica - Trinidad and Tobago:
  15 November 2005
Trade Policy Developments


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