Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Peru for an Economic Partnership

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Annex 1: Schedules in relation to Article 21PDF


Notes for Schedule of JapanPDF


Schedule of JapanPDF


Notes for Schedule of Japan – Section 3PDF


Notes for Schedule of PeruPDF


Schedule of PeruPDF


Annex 2: Measures of Peru in relation to Article 20 and Article 22PDF


Annex 3: Product Specific RulesPDF


Annex 4: Proofs of OriginPDF


Annex 5:


Schedule of JapanPDF


Schedule of PeruPDF


Annex 6:


Schedule of JapanPDF


Schedule of PeruPDF


Annex 7: Financial ServicesPDF


Annex 8: Specific Commitments for Entry and Temporary Stay of Nationals for Business Purposes


Specific Commitments of JapanPDF


Specific Commitments of PeruPDF

  Annex 9: Government Procurement  

List of JapanPDF


List of PeruPDF

  Annex 10: Geographical Indications for Wines and SpiritsPDF  


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Enlace a sitio fuera del SICE  
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About the Agreement
  31 May 2011
  Entry into Force
  01 March 2012
Trade Policy Developments


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