Peru-EFTA States* Free Trade Agreement
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Chapter 1 General Provisions  
Article 1.1

Establishment of a Free Trade Area

Article 1.2


Article 1.3


Article 1.4

Relation to Other International Agreements

Article 1.5

Trade and Economic Relations Covered by this Agreement

Article 1.6

Central, Regional and Local Government

Article 1.7


Article 1.8

Electronic Commerce

Article 1.9

Definitions of General Application

Chapter 2 Trade In Goods ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 2.1


Article 2.2


Article 2.3

Rules of Origin and Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters

Article 2.4

Trade Facilitation

Article 2.5

Establishment of a Sub-Committee on Trade in Goods, Rules of Origin and Customs Matters

Article 2.6

Dismantling of Import Duties

Article 2.7

Base Rate

Article 2.8

Duties, Taxes or Other Charges on Exports

Article 2.9

Import and Export Restrictions

Article 2.10

Administrative Fees and Formalities

Article 2.11

National Treatment

Article 2.12

State Trading Enterprises

Article 2.13

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Article 2.14

Technical Regulations

Article 2.15

Subsidies and Countervailing Measures

Article 2.16


Article 2.17

Global Safeguard Measures

Article 2.18

Bilateral Safeguard Measures

Article 2.19

General Exceptions

Article 2.20

Security Exceptions

Chapter 3 Processed Agricultural Products ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 3.1


Article 3.2

Price Compensation Measures

Article 3.3

Tariff Concessions

Article 3.4

Agricultural Export Subsidies

Article 3.5

Price Band System

Article 3.6


Article 3.7


Chapter 4 Trade in Services ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 4.1

Trade in Services

Article 4.2


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Chapter 5 Investment  
Article 5.1


Article 5.2


Article 5.3

National Treatment

Article 5.4


Article 5.5

Key Personnel

Article 5.6

Right to Regulate

Article 5.7

Relation to Other International Agreements

Article 5.8


Article 5.9


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Chapter 6 Protection of Intellectual Property  
Article 6.1

General Provisions

Article 6.2

Basic Principles

Article 6.3

Definition of Intellectual Property

Article 6.4

International Conventions

Article 6.5

Measures Related to Biodiversity

Article 6.6


Article 6.7

Geographical Indications, including Appellations of Origin, and Indications of Source

Article 6.8

Copyright and Related Rights

Article 6.9


Article 6.10


Article 6.11

Undisclosed Information and Measures Related to Certain Regulated Products

Article 6.12

Acquisition and Maintenance of Intellectual Property Rights

Article 6.13

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Article 6.14

Right of Information in Civil and Administrative Procedures

Article 6.15

Suspension of Release by Competent Authorities

Article 6.16

Right of Inspection

Article 6.17

Liability Declaration, Security or Equivalent Assurance

Article 6.18

Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Chapter 7 Government Procurement ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 7.1

Scope and Coverage

Article 7.2

Excepciones al Chapter

Article 7.3


Article 7.4

National Treatment and Non-Discrimination

Article 7.5

Information Technology

Article 7.6

Conduct of Procurement

Article 7.7

Rules of Origin

Article 7.8


Article 7.9

Publication of Procurement Information

Article 7.10

Publication of Notices

Article 7.11

Conditions for Participation

Article 7.12

Registration Systems and Qualification Procedures

Article 7.13

Multi-Use Lists

Article 7.14

Tender Documentation

Article 7.15

Technical Specifications

Article 7.16

Modifications of the Tender Documentation and Technical Specifications

Article 7.17

Time Limits

Article 7.18

Tendering Procedures

Article 7.19

Selective Tendering

Article 7.20

Limited Tendering

Article 7.21

Electronic Auctions

Article 7.22


Article 7.23

Opening of Tenders

Article 7.24

Contract Awards

Article 7.25

Transparency in Procurement Information

Article 7.26

Disclosure of Information

Article 7.27

Domestic Review Procedures for Supplier Challenges

Article 7.28

Modifications and Rectifications to Coverage

Article 7.29

Small and Medium Enterprises Participation

Article 7.30


Article 7.31

Further Negotiations

Chapter 8 Competition Policy ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 8.1


Article 8.2

Anti-competitive Practices

Article 8.3


Article 8.4


Article 8.5

State Enterprises and Designated Monopolies

Article 8.6

Dispute Settlement

Chapter 9 Transparency ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 9.1

Publication and Disclosure of Information

Article 9.2


Chapter 10 Co-operation ¡Regresar al inicio de la página!
Article 10.1

Scope and Objectives

Article 10.2

Methods and Means

Article 10.3

Joint Committee and Contact Points

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Chapter 11 Administration of the Agreement  
Article 11.1

Joint Committee

Article 11.2

Agreement Co-ordinators and Contact Points

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Chapter 12 Dispute Settlement  
Article 12.1 Co-operation  
Article 12.2

Scope of Application

Article 12.3

Choice of Forum

Article 12.4

Good Offices, Conciliation or Mediation

Article 12.5


Article 12.6

Request for the Establishment of a Panel

Article 12.7

Third Party Participation

Article 12.8

Panel Selection

Article 12.9

Qualifications of Panelists

Article 12.10

Role of the Panel

Article 12.11

Model Rules of Procedure

Article 12.12

Consolidation of Proceedings

Article 12.13

Report of the Panel

Article 12.14

Request for Clarification of the Report

Article 12.15

Suspension and Termination of Procedure

Article 12.16

Implementation of the Final Report and Compensation

Article 12.17

Non-Implementation and Suspension of Benefits

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Chapter 13 Final Provisions  
Article 13.1

Annexes, Appendices and Footnotes

Article 13.2

Entry into Force

Article 13.3


Article 13.4


Article 13.5


Article 13.6

Relation to the Complementary Agreements

Article 13.7

Authentic Texts

Article 13.8


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  Annex I: Electronic Commerce PDF  

Annex II: Excluded Products PDF

  Annex III: Processed Agricultural Products PDF  
  Annex IV: Fish and Other Marine Products PDF  
  Annex V: Rules of Origin and Administrative Co-operation PDF  

Appendix 1: Introductory Notes to the List in Appendix 2 PDF


Appendix 2: List of Working or Processing Required to be Carried out on Non-Originating Materials in order that the Product Manufactured can Obtain Originating Status PDF


Appendix 3a: Specimens of Movement Certificates EUR.1 and Applications for Movement Certificates EUR.1 PDF


Appendix 3b: Origin Declaration PDF

  Annex VI: Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters PDF  
  Annex VII: Customs Procedures and Trade Facilitation PDF  

Annex VIII: Industrial Goods PDF

  Annex IX: Used Goods PDF  
  Annex X: Recognition of Qualifications of Service Suppliers PDF  
  Annex XI: Reservations PDF  

Annex XII: Contact Points for Scientific Collaboration PDF

  Annex XIII: Covered Entities PDF  
  Annex XIV: General Notes PDF  
* EFTA Member States -- Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland  

Full Text of the Agreement PDF

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Source: Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (MINCETUR), Perú Off-site link!

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About the Agreement
  14 July 2010
  Entry into Force
  Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  01 July 2011

01 October 2011



  01 July 2012
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