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Central American Free Trade Agreement

Final Texts

Table of Contents


Text [PDF format, 10 KB]

1. Initial Provisions

Text [PDF format, 9 KB]

2. General Definitions

Text [PDF format, 16 KB]

3. National Treatment and Market Access for Goods

Text [PDF format, 136 KB]

4. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures

Text [PDF format, 45 KB]

5. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation

Text [PDF format, 19 KB]

6. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Text [PDF format, 17 KB]

7. Technical Barriers to Trade

Text [PDF format, 18 KB]

8. Trade Remedies

Text [PDF format, 24 KB]

9. Government Procurement

Text [PDF format, 30 KB]

Annex 9.1.2(b)(i) [PDF format, 85 KB]

Annex 9.1.2(b)(ii) [PDF format, 107 KB]

10. Investment

Text [PDF format, 73 KB]

11. Cross-Border Trade in Services

Text [PDF format, 37 KB]

12. Financial Services

Text [PDF format, 77 KB]

13. Telecommunications

Text [PDF format, 54 KB]

14. Electronic Commerce

Text [PDF format, 10 KB]

15. Intellectual Property Rights

Text [PDF format, 75 KB]

16. Labor

Text [PDF format, 27 KB]

17. Environment

Text [PDF format, 33 KB]

18. Transparency

Text [PDF format, 14 KB]

19. Administration of the Agreement and Trade Capacity Building

Text [PDF format, 16 KB]


20. Dispute Settlement

Text [PDF format, 39 KB]

21. Exceptions

Text [PDF format, 16 KB]

22. Final Provisions

Text [PDF format, 9 KB]

Annex 4.1 (Product-Specific Rules of Origin)

Text [PDF format, 216 KB]


Annex I (Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures)

Formatting Note  [PDF format, 8 KB]

Costa Rica Schedule  [PDF format, 90 KB]

El Salvador Schedule  [PDF format, 47 KB]

Guatemala Schedule  [PDF format, 23 KB]

Honduras Schedule  [PDF format, 73 KB]

Nicaragua Schedule  [PDF format, 54 KB]

U.S. Schedule  [PDF format, 28 KB]

Annex II (Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures)

Text      [PDF format, 56 KB]

Annex III (Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures)

Text  [PDF format, 125 KB]

Tariff Schedules

Costa Rica General Notes and Appendix I [PDF format, 28 KB]

Schedule of Costa Rica to Annex 3.3  [PDF format, 597 KB]

El Salvador General Notes and Appendix I [PDF format, 42 KB]

Schedule of El Salvador to Annex 3.3  [PDF format, 599 KB]

Guatemala General Notes and Appendix I [PDF format, 31 KB]

Schedule of Guatemala to Annex 3.3  [PDF format, 604 KB]

Honduras General Notes and Appendix I [PDF format, 41 KB]

Schedule of Honduras to Annex 3.3  [PDF format, 417 KB]

Nicaragua General Notes and Appendix I [PDF format, 38 KB]

Schedule of Nicaragua to Annex 3.3  [PDF format, 554 KB]

U.S. General Notes and Appendix I [PDF format, 48 KB]

Schedule of U.S. to Annex 3.3  [PDF format, 1,232 KB]

Side Letters and Understandings


Letter on tariff treatment of certain confectionary products

El Salvador  [PDF format, 5 KB]

Guatemala  [PDF format, 4 KB]

Letter on Poultry

Costa Rica  [PDF format, 7 KB]

El Salvador  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Financial Services

Letter on bank sales representative  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Letter on foreign bank branches and additional reserve requirements  [PDF format, 4 KB]

Letter on insurance branching commitments

Guatemala  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Nicaragua  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Letter on establishment of foreign financial institutions in the U.S.  [PDF format, 5 KB]

Intellectual Property Rights

Understanding regarding certain public health measures  [PDF format, 5 KB]


Letter on extraction, generation, and refining  [PDF format, 8 KB]

Letter on gambling  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Letter on mining  [PDF format, 8 KB]

Letter on wildlife, forestry, and zoning  [PDF format, 10 KB]

Letter on contracts of representation, distribution, or fabrication  [PDF format, 10 KB]

Letter on Labor Code  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Letter on public utility services  [PDF format, 5 KB]

Understanding on immigration measures  [PDF format, 5 KB]


Letter on Costa Rica's radio-electric spectrum  [PDF format, 6 KB]

Letter on Article 13.4.5(a)(iv)  [PDF format, 7 KB]


Letter on shirting fabrics study  [PDF format, 7 KB]

Letter on continuation of "807" program  [PDF format, 6 KB]

Source: Office of the United States Trade Representative
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