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FTAA Negotiating Groups - Canadian Proposals

May 2000

Element 4A: Obligations for Publishing Laws and Regulations 


Section 4.A. of the Annotated Outline states that: "Delegations agreed that there should be an obligation of making public all laws, regulations, and administrative measures governing government procurement." Canada agrees that making public the rules and administrative measures related to doing business with a government is an important aspect of a Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. 

The Annotated Outline noted that there were differing views regarding how to disseminate the information. Canada considers that the agreement can accommodate different methods of dissemination amongst the Parties and within a Party. Whatever the method of dissemination, it is important that the source of the information be known to potential suppliers and be easily accessible to them. 

Over time Parties may wish to change or add to their sources for this information. Therefore a simple method is required for notifying other Parties of changes and for making suppliers aware of the changed location. 

Without prejudice to Canada's future negotiating position, Canada submits the following text for this section. 

Draft text: 
  1. Each Party shall promptly publish any law, regulation, judicial decision, administrative ruling of general application and any procedure (including standard contract clauses) regarding government procurement covered by this Agreement. Each Party shall publish all additions and changes to such information. 

  2. Each Party shall publish such information in officially designated media which are readily accessible to suppliers and other Parties. Laws and regulations shall be published no later than their date of entry into force. Officially designated media may be electronic or paper. 

  3. Officially designated media are listed in Annex X. Each Party shall notify modifications relating to Annex X to [the other Parties] [the Committee]. They shall becom e effective provided there is no objection within 30 days.

Source: Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade