Comparative Guide Chile - U.S. FTA and DR - CAFTA - Preamble

A Comparative Guide to the Chile-United States Free Trade Agreement and the
Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement




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The Chile-U.S. FTA preamble and that of DR-CAFTA are fairly similar, both lay out the underlying political, social and economic precepts for engaging in a Free Trade Agreement. Both Agreements address concepts regarding: cooperation between nations, development and expansion of world trade, expansion of markets for goods and services, World Trade Organization rights and obligations, competitiveness in global markets, innovation promotion, increasing employment and bettering workers’ rights, business facilitation measures, the environment, safeguarding the public welfare, and finally, working towards a Free Trade Area of the Americas.

DR-CAFTA addresses the areas of facilitation of regional trade, opportunities for economic and social development, and transparency and efforts to eliminate bribery and corruption in international trade and investment. DR-CAFTA also recognizes the differences in size and level of development of the Parties’ economies. It also notes the interest of the Central American countries in advancing their regional economic integration.

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