Centro de Información MIPYME:  Trinidad y Tobago

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  • Trinidad and Tobago Micro and Small Enterprise Development Policy (2014-2016)

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  • Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development - Co-operative Development Division
    Assists in the establishment, training and development and guidance on best-management practice for co-operative societies in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development - Co-operative Development Division
    Assists in the collaboration of an unlimited number of persons who collaborate for a common financial/social purpose (“a Friendly Society”). The Friendly Societies Division helps to cultivate the practice of thrift, self-reliance, self-help and assists in fostering community spirit, poverty eradication and nation building.

  • National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO)
    In 2002, the Government of Trinidad & Tobago established the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO) to develop small and micro businesses whose needs could not be met by traditional lending agencies (primarily lending agencies). The agency also offers training and business analysis for new enterprises.

  • National Social Development Programme: Sowing Empowerment for Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) grant
    A grant to up to a maximum of Trinidad and Tobago $15,000 is provided to disadvantaged nationals for starting enterprises.

  • Ministry of Planning and Development - Central Statistical Office (CSO)
    The Central Statistical Office (CSO) together with NEDCO and supported by the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business - University of the West Indies, has been involved in a study of the informal sector. The informal sector is known to be comprised mainly of small, informal enterprises. The approach uses mobile data-collection devices for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago. The project is funded by the European Development Fund and oversight is provided by the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

  • Ministry of Planning and Development - The Green Fund Executing Unit
    The Green Fund Executing Unit manages the “Green Fund”, a fund used for funding non-governmental civil society organisations whose principal work relates to environmental management, environmental education and recycling.

  • Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Trinidad and Tobago
    The official state agency for lending to farmers, fishermen and other agriculturalists.

  • Minitstry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries - Farmers Training Centre
    Operating directly a public training programme for registered and commercial farmers.

  • ExporTT - Co-Financing Service
    This Service assists companies with market-entry activities. This allows companies to allocate more resources to a foreign market, helping them to mitigate risks they may be exposed to in a new export market and increase the level of control a company has on its foreign activities. Areas covered include product/company registration in overseas markets, IP registration in overseas markets, product testing, shipping of samples, translation and interpretation of export related documents, trade show participation and label design modification.
      Research and Development Facility (RDF)
      The Research and Development Facility (RDF) is a reimbursable fund that aims to provide support to innovative and high-potential companies in the non-energy manufacturing and services sectors. Its aim is to support the development of new and advancing products, processes and technologies in order to increase international competitiveness in these sectors.

      Grant Fund Facility
      The Grant Fund Facility assists with the purchase of machinery and equipment by export oriented/import substituting, small and medium-sized businesses. In this way, businesses including but not limited to agro-processing and manufacturing, can increase their production capacity or improve their production efficiency, thereby making them more competitive in export markets.

  • TTS Standard 626: Quality management practices of micro and small enterprises (MSEs)
    Good Management Practices for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

  • TTS Standard 646: Standard for Manufacturers and Food.
    This standard establishes minimum requirements for a food safety and quality system in food processing, manufacture, handling, packaging, storage, transport or holding, for any sector of the food chain, where food is offered for sale or supply for public consumption. The requirements of this standard are generic and applies to all food establishments involved in the processing or manufacturing of foods regardless of the size or complexity of the operations or whether the output is raw material or final product. This standard does not apply to sectors of the food chain where the output of primary agricultural production is sold whole, directly to consumers and which may include packaging at the point of sale.

  • Ministry of Finance - Export-Import Bank (Exim Bank)
    The only official export credit agency in Trinidad and Tobago, Financing the import and export of goods.

  • Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI)
    Laboratory and testing services related to a wide range of business types; start-up services in the area of technology and science, research development and innovation. Detailed services are: Metallurgy, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Microbiology, Food and General Microbiology, Food Technology, Occupational/Industrial Health Services, Industrial Materials – Civil, Organic Chemistry and Petroleum, Stack, Calibration and Maintenance Services.

  • Caribbean Information & Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS)
    Providing credit ratings for enterprises, including small greenfield operations.