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With more than five thousand visitors a day, the SICE website is the foremost site on trade in the Americas. At SICE you will find, within one click, information on trade agreements, trade policy developments and trade disciplines for all countries of the Americas.

Who visits SICE?

Over 2 million visitors a year do!

Please take a look at our statistics from January through September 2005.

  SICE's Website is updated with new information as events unfold in the trade world.  Texts of new trade agreements, announcements of relevant trade events, information on the negotiations and implementation of trade agreements and other news are signaled in the What's New section.
  Our trade agreements section is the heart of our Website, providing the full texts and annexes of trade agreements involving countries of the Americas.
  SICE offers up-to-date texts of national legislation of OAS Member States,  provisions in regional trade agreements, data and informative studies  on trade-related issues such as antidumping, competition policy, dispute settlement, electronic commerce, intellectual property,  investment, services, and technical barriers to trade.
  Resources to facilitate research include the sections on Articles and Studies, Trade Data and Trade-Related Links. 
  SICE provides regular updates on the negotiation and implementation of trade agreements involving countries of the Americas, including the FTAA, as well as relevant developments at the multilateral level.